Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Customize your phone without custom rom

First Install Xposed Installer

You need your phone to be rooted
You need to know what is xposed installer
Some technical details:
I extended the /system/bin/app_process executable to load a JAR file on startup. The classes of this file will sit in every process (including the one for system services) and can act with their powers. And even more: I have implemented something that allows developers to replace any method in any class (may it be in the framework, systemui or a custom app). This makes Xposed very powerful. You can change parameters for the method call, modify the return value or skip the call to the method completely - it's all up to you! Also replacing or adding resources is easy.

  • No need to modify any APKs. This means:
    • No need to decompile, change things in smali, compile, sign, ...
    • It will work for odexed and deodexed ROMs.
    • Your mod is not bound to a specific version of the ROM. Unless there is a major change in the methods called for a certain functionality, your mod will continue to work even when you upgrade your ROM. Hell, it will probably even work with different ROMs.
    • Multiple mods can be installed at the same time, even if they change the same package. So you can use these battery icons and those quick toggles. Even hooking the same method twice is possible. Of course, this only works properly if the mods are not trying to do incompatible things.
  • It does its magic at runtime. That means you can implement options to let the user decide if they prefer the bikeshed to be painted in red or blue. Or you can have some extra logic for certain ROMs without building different mod versions.
  • It can be disabled easily without having to reflash.
  • It's open source.
How to install:
Download link:
First step for everything you do: Create a nandroid backup and make sure you know how to restore it!
I'm not responsible for anything you do with your phone/tablet/rice cooker.
There is also the risk to soft-brick your device. In such a case, restoring a backup is the easiest way to get rid of it (other possibilities mentioned below).

For the framework:
Download XposedInstaller.apk and install it
Launch the Xposed Installer and click on "Install/Update"

For any modifications/modules you want to install:
Download <module>.apk (down there are many) and install it
Launch the Xposed Installer and go to the "Modules" tab (you will also get there if you click on the notification warning you that the module is not enabled yet)
Enable the module by checking the checkbox

After doing this just install the modules down there are many .....................

Here starts the collection:

A. Modules for all ROMs

B. Modules for TouchWiz ROMs

C. Modules for Sense ROMs

D. Modules for Xperia ROMs

E. Modules for AOSP ROMs

In case you want to uninstall this there is option in Xposed installer app or if you bricked your device you can flash XPOSED-Disabler through ClockWorkRecovery

Thanks to cities514 & rovo89

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