When you hear talk of a post-PC world you might find yourself wondering if you are ready to give up something that has been a reliable workmate, leisure buddy and regular friend in your life.
But, fear not, because the arrival of the tablet should open up a whole new world of possibilities and, perhaps even more importantly, not stop you doing anything that you did with your laptop or desktop computer.
Lenovo's new tablet range is the perfect example of why a post PC world would not be a scary place at all. These gadgets are perfectly at home for work or play, can be used with a keyboard and certainly won't have you wishing you had your laptop back.

Lenovo Miix

What they will bring is a whole host of new and exciting options brought by touchscreens, by amazing portability and, of course, the amazing world of apps.
Take the Lenovo Miix - which takes advantage of Windows 8, and all the programs and expertise that you would expect from Microsoft's OS, but also brings a superlative touch-screen experience.

With a design that TechRadar's review described as 'smart' and a keyboard cover that was praised as well, with the reviewer stating 'the simple fact is that we could use it for hours on end and be totally comfortable.'
Which all goes to show that, just because it's a tablet, it doesn't mean that you have to accept any compromise on your typing.
Windows 8 was built from the ground up to take advantage of touch, with a new 'modern' interface that's perfect for your digits, but it also brings the Windows desktop for when you need your tablet to deal with some more complex operations.
So that's work sorted, but as anyone who has used a tablet will know, it's also a wonderful option when it comes to media - watching a movie on the go on a beautiful screen that's light enough to hold comfortably is a great experience, and Lenovo has a reputation for providing wonderful sound as well to give you a proper Hollywood experience.
And if you fancy something a bit more interactive, Windows 8 apps bring you a world of options - from Facebook and Twitter right the way through to Angry Birds and old favourites like Solitaire.
Sometimes it's easy portability and low weight that you want - especially if watching movies and videos on the go is at the top of your list.
So why not consider a 7-inch tablet? The Lenovo A3000 is the perfect size to carry around with you but is powerful enough to give you an outstanding media experience.
This is a tablet built with the Google-powered Android operating system that has become dominant in the world of phones and that means an unbelievable amount of apps and games are available.
And with the Google Play store offering the cream of Hollywood movies and all of your favourite TV boxsets , as well as the likes of YouTube, BBC iPlayer and more, you'll never want for something to watch.

Lenovo's A3000

Best of all, this beautiful little tablet is light enough to keep with you all the time, meaning you never need to be without your media library.
Many of us need out tablet to be a powerful portable entertainment system, but also capable of letting us do a little work from time to time.
Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2 has Windows 8, and is the kind of tablet that even the most security conscious IT manager can get right behind.
Weighing in at just 565 grams and offering a vibrant 10.1 inch IPS display, you can even plump for an optional ThinkPad-quality Bluetooth keyboard and the outstanding ThinkPad digitizer pen.
It's also worth pointing to the ThinkPad Tablet 2's full size USB port - not something you'll find on many tablets and a brilliant addition for those who want to use things like external USB drives, monitors, printers, cameras, DVD burners, mice and, of course, keyboards.
But just before you start thinking that this tab is all about business, bear in mind that it still carries dual stereo speakers, a 2MP front-facing camera and an 8MP snapper on the rear and a mini-HDMI port. So not just serious, but a serious media device as well.
So, although we're not quite ready to believe that it's time to give up on the humble PC, tablets are providing us with an amazing option; portable, powerful and, let's not forget, a little playful.
via TechRadar